PROMISES – A man’s word is his currency. A respectable man is a man of his word. He says what he means and means what he says. His word is his bond. A good man will keep his promises to his woman. He won’t break dates and be a no call and no show. He will not play with your emotions. He remembers to call you when he says he will. A man who values his woman keeps his promises. That is the way he shows that he cares.

INTIMACY - Intimacy is something that is natural to human nature. However, pressuring a woman whom he just met for sex is not of a good man’s nature. A man who has any intentions of being a good mate to you does not pressure you for sex when he meets you. A woman is not a vehicle to be driven. Her body does not need to be test driven. A woman is a gift from God, and her time, attention and affection should be appreciated, not taken for granted. If a woman meets a man who wants to test drive her physical body, emotions and feelings, it’s best that she point him to a car dealership, bid him goodbye and don’t look back!

A woman deserves a good man who will respect her. You deserve only good guys who will respect You!

THE GIRLS REVOLUTION Conference 10.0 (Lagos, Nigeria)

Sat., 11th October, 2014
The Main Auditorium, Unilag, Akoka.

Nigeria needs more SUCCESSFUL GIRLS today than ever before. The Girls Show Nigeria Organizes One-Of-A-Kind Conference To Inform Young Women

TGS Event’s ‘The Girls Revolution Conference’, a quarterly conference aimed at equipping young women with the greatest tool for change- INFORMATION, is set to host Nigerian girls/young women between the ages of 15 and 35 years at the prestigious Main Auditorium of the University of Lagos on the 11th of October, 2014 by 10:00a.m.


During her after-bath shea-butter application, and at very diaper change, I try to touch and name my daughter's body parts, clearly. I do this so that she starts learning to identify her body. I do it with her bottle, her dummy, and all her other cherished property (LOL). It's the only way she'll learn language given that she does not have sight.



When you hear the word “BOYFRIEND”, what comes to your mind? One S.S.2 student said she thinks of ‘being emotionally attached to a guy’. Having a boyfriend means different things to different girls. The truth is that we need not shy away from discussing how we feel especially now that our bodies are beginning to change – the breasts are developing, hairs grow under your armpit and pubic areas, menstruation and all.

A lot of girls are confused about the issue of having a boyfriend, so we tend to share our feelings with our girlfriends because daddy and mummy must not hear us talk about such. I recall the day I brought home my boyfriend so that my dad may see him and discuss with him. I thought this was right since I was in S.S.3 and we were about writing our S.S.C.E May/June. He actually came in the company of his friends and I was truly proud of myself knowing that he came from a good home like mine. It was a Friday. I noticed my dad never said anything while they were around and even after they left. I smelled something was wrong.

On Monday morning, while I sat to put on my neatly polished school shoes, I heard my dad asking who took his shoe polish without returning it. I said I did, thinking he’ll just take it and leave but instead I saw him turn around and headed for the dreaded horse whip. He flogged me so angrily that I knew it was not about the polish but the fact that I brought a boy home at 14.

Did you say, Oh me! Why did I allow him to come to my house? Well, my intentions were pure; I simply wanted my parents to see my special friend and guide me through their wealth of experience, to advice me and to ask the boy some questions in order to know his mind towards me..laughs! That never happened and I’m sure you also can relate to that kind of story.

So now, the crux of the matter is this, you need to know what it is like to have a boyfriend, what roles you will be playing, what you will be gaining and what you may be losing. Your parents may not be around to tell you because they want you to face your studies and that’s why I penned down 5 things you must consider before having a boyfriend. If you consider them very well, you will not make mistakes.


Having a relationship with a boy is deep and the depth of it can drown any girl that is unprepared. A secondary school level relationship can either make or mar your career and your future. You therefore have to think critically before accepting any proposal from the opposite sex. Ask yourself, what is my reason for having this relationship? Here are some reasons why some girls go into relationships with boys:

·         Because one or both of the parents are not available to show you care and affection

·         Because daddy who is supposed to be every daughters first ‘boyfriend’ never says “I love you my baby girl” and girls constantly want to hear that.

·         Because many of their friends are in a relationship

·         Because they just feel it’s the right time to have one

If any of the reason above is why you want a relationship, then you need to realize they are also the reasons why many girls end up in awful relationships where they regret their actions. For some, they realize this on time while for others, they stay till it’s too late. This brings us to the next thing to consider which is…


My dear, the truth is that you cannot serve two masters at the same time, neither can you eat your cake and have it. I tried it while I was in school and I did not have the impressive WAEC result that I dreamt of in J.S.1. This was because most times when I was reading, half of my mind was in the room while the remaining half was thinking about the boyfriend- how he said ‘I love you’, ‘You are looking beautiful today my angel’, ‘I miss you like crazy’, ‘I couldn’t sleep last night, I was just thinking of my queen’. The list was endless, and like I shared with some girls at the University of Lagos, where I asked them to show me just one girl who maintains a CGPA of 4.95 and has a boyfriend. Everyone was quiet because they couldn’t find any. It’s the same with you now. I ask you to look round your school to see if there’s any girl who has A’s in all her subjects and has a steady boyfriend. So please consider this once again: will having a boyfriend help me achieve better results academically?



Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. For me now, I don’t let people chose me as friend, I chose them myself because I’m conscious of where I’m coming from and where I’m going to. If your friends are the type that all they ever discuss is party, boys, sex, money, fashion, etc., then you are in bad company. Do you know that you and your friends will not always be friends forever? So why allow them decide your future when they may not be in it? I still recall how three of my friends in the secondary school pressured me into having a relationship with a boy that was tripping for me and was buying them goodies during break times. They encouraged me to go ahead and that nothing will happen, like they got my back. I rushed in ignorantly and rushed out regretfully. Today, I can’t find those three girls, even on facebook. So check yourself: are you going into a relationship because you seem to be the only one who does not have a boyfriend? Or because your friends think it’s cool?



‘What is the essence of a relationship without sex? That was the remark of an S.S.1 boy on my street when his classmate who was also his girlfriend refused to have ‘it’ with him. The girl was broken-hearted. She wanted a relationship with this boy but not to the extent of having sex because according to her, she wants to keep her virginity till her wedding night. At first, the boy agreed but he later changed his mind. He demanded for sex from her and threatened to break up with her if she refused.  She refused and he stopped talking to her. She became unhappy because her guardians were maltreating her and the boy had been her consolation. She seriously began to re-consider her actions. She thought of how he showed her love, care, affection and flooded her mind with sweet words which she never heard at home. Before long, she re-united with the boy. She needed love but the boy wanted sex. Then on Valentine’s day one thing led to another and they found themselves alone in the house. The boy decided it was an opportunity and she agreed they should just do ‘small’, meaning he should only touch her. Touches graduated into other things and by the next month she was pregnant. The boy denied ever having anything to do with her and right now she carries a fatherless baby in her womb at 14. You may be interested in a relationship for the right reasons but boys are only interested in relationships because they want to explore.

The truth is, you shouldn’t seek for love in wrong places because what you will get will be far worse. Before you go into that relationship, think of the pros and cons, think of what you want out of life and seek advice. So if you are not ready for teenage pregnancy let’s take a look at the next thing to consider.



Your emotions play a key role when it comes to having a relationship and that is why you have to be emotionally ready and stable before having a boyfriend. The question is, at what age are you emotionally ready? Some say it’s when you are 18years old but I believe it is not a function of age but of how matured you are in your mind to evaluate, analyse, criticize and understand people and your environment and come out with positive results. At your present age, you cannot, I mean cannot conceptualize and fully understand the nitty-gritty of what love is. Whatsoever you rush into, you also rush out of. So why don’t you wait because relationships can be emotionally draining and time consuming. It’s advisable you maintain casual friendship with boys around you  and that way you get to understand them and learn from the mistakes of others without you getting involved emotionally. This will keep you from heart breaks and from regrets.


You alone are to blame when you get pregnant as a teenager

You alone are to blame when you get pregnant and choose to abort

You alone are to blame when you get pregnant as a teenager or adolescent and your parents decide to kick you out of the house

You alone are to blame when you get pregnant as a teenager or adolescent and the boy’s parents say their son is too small to be a father

You alone are to blame when you get pregnant as a teenager or adolescent and the boy’s parents say you can’t stay with them

You alone are to blame when you get pregnant as a teenager or adolescent and there’s no money for good clothes, ante-natal drugs, good food/ fruits.

You alone are to blame when you get pregnant as a teenager or adolescent and your friends laugh at you which demoralizes you.

The choice is yours.




1.       A boy grows and develops just as you do

2.       Boys constantly learn new techniques of attracting you by getting to know your soft spots which generally can be:

Gifts such as recharge cards, ice-cream, chocolates, suya, rose flowers, shawarma, etc.


Words of Admiration such as ‘I love you’, ‘Querida mia’, ‘my princess’, ‘my angel’, ‘I can do anything for you’, ‘No one will ever take your place’, etc.


Show of Affection such as touching your hair, eyes, chin, holding your hands, seductive hugs, eye contacts, telling his friends you are his girlfriend, coming to you everyday during break time, etc.

                All these are your soft spots that any boy can begin to exploit. Learn them and be ready when they start using them so that you are not caught unawares.

3.       When a boy says ‘I love you’ and he is either in secondary school like you or in a tertiary institution, he doesn’t mean it. Until he is ready and capable of giving you a ring, he is joking with you and all he wants is your body and time.

4.       If you are not disciplined, you are likely to be turned into a sex toy that is passed from one guy to another.

5.       Teenagers all over the world, both male and female, want to explore their sexuality, more especially the boys (He probably wants to experiment what daddy, uncle, friends or even men on the television are doing with females. So he looks for a victim. Once he’s done with the experiment, he changes and calls for a breakup.

6.       A great future lies ahead of you no matter your current situation, family problems, background. Whether you are assisting your mum at the market, eat only once a day, wear torn uniforms, etc, it is all temporary. One day, you will look back and it will be a story. Don’t waste your life by making wrong choices.

7.       When you think of boys or guys, think SEX and BABIES. The question is are you ready for these?
Written by Olamipeju Lawal for THE GIRLS SHOW NIGERIA


27th May, 2014
The Main Auditorium, Unilag, Akoka.



ROLE MODEL OF THE WEEK (Mrs IbukunOluwa Awosika)

@The Girls Revolution 4, University of Lagos, Akoka

Mrs. Ibukun Awosika graduated with a BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife). She is an alumna of the Chief Executive Programme of Lagos Business School and the Global Executive MBA Programme of the prestigious IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.
Ibukun started her working career with Akintola Williams & Co. (now Deloitte) as an Audit Trainee during her national youth corps service. Thereafter, she worked at Alibert Nigeria Ltd, a furniture company, as Showroom Manager. Three and a half months after her employment, she resigned her position to set up her own furniture manufacturing company, Quebees Ltd, from which The Chair Centre Ltd later evolved.
She is the Founder and Chairman of The Chair Centre Ltd, a market leader in the office furniture and banking security systems industries. After the ban on importation of furniture by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2004, The Chair Centre Ltd went into a joint venture with Sokoa S.A of France and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc to set up Sokoa Chair Centre Ltd., and she was appointed the MD/CEO of the joint-venture company.
In addition, she independently established another ultra-modern furniture facility, Furniture Manufacturers’ Mart in Lagos in the latter part of 2006. The latest additions to her entrepreneurial exploits are the opening of branches of The Chair Centre Ltd in Accra (Ghana), Tinapa and Calabar (South eastern Nigeria).
She is the host of a popular television programme, Business – His Way, where she shares ethical business values and principles, distilled from The Holy Bible, with the business community in Nigeria and neighbouring countries. The telecast is presently transmitted on seven TV stations.
She is an ordained pastor of The Fountain of Life Church and the Founder of Christian Missionary Fund, a non-governmental body dedicated to raising supports for Christian missionaries across the country.
Ibukun is the immediate past Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Women in Management and Business (WIMBIZ), an organisation committed to elevating the profile of women in management and business. She is also the Chairperson of Intermac, the organisers of SmartCard Conferences in Nigeria and Kenya. In addition, she also sits on a number of boards, notable among which are: The Convention on Business Integrity, and Youths Business Initiative (a project of Prince Charles organisation – Prince Trust).
She founded the Afterschool Graduate Development Centre (AGDC), a national career centre in Lagos, Nigeria, which was set up in September 2007 to address the high rates of unemployment in the country by making Nigerian graduates employable and good assets to the economy. AGDC runs developmental programs/projects that focus on the employability, economic productivity and global relevance of the Nigerian graduate.
In the first African edition of Dragons Den by Sony Pictures, Ibukun was asked to join five other Nigerian entrepreneurs as dragons in Dragons Den, Nigeria, in the first season which is currently airing and can be seen in the UK on Sky 187. Ibukun Awosika is a nominee and recipient of a number of awards, some of which include:

Nominee, Entrepreneur of The Year (2005), THISDAY Newspaper’s Annual Merit Award
Nominee, The Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year (2006): Financial Standard and Pan-African Organisation for Women Recognition (POWR)
Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2005, Success Digests Magazine’s Annual Enterprise Award.
FATE Model Entrepreneur Award for the year 2006: FATE Foundation.
Golden Heart Award (2007), under the aegis of the International Women Society
Award of Leadership Excellence 2008: Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos Island Chapter
International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award 2008: Manhattan Chambers of Commerce and the United States Government

She is married to Abiodun Oludola Awosika, and their marriage is blessed with three sons

PICTURE OF THE WEEK (Spot Who You Know!)

@The Girls Revolution 7, FCE (T), Akoka



The Nigerian political scene has been dominated by men since independence with relative failure. Through military coups, political irresponsibility and brazen corruption, the men have largely shown how not no lead. There have been gains in some areas and certain times but the overriding feeling among many, both Nigerians and Non-Nigerians, is that of a giant that once threatened to fly but barely manages to crawl these days.

Female empowerment key to Nigeria’s rapid economic growth – By John Glassey

Nigeria’s female population is a powerful hidden engine for economic
growth, destined to take to new heights West Africa’s thriving global
economy. Having made tremendous strides in recent years to combat its
large gender gap in employment, it appears that Nigeria has
successfully affirmed its reputation as a future driver of swift
autonomous development from within the continent. We at African Brains
commend the Federal Government for prioritizing the need for more
women to hold leadership positions within both the private and public

2014 Budget: Greater Attention for Gender Empowerment, Says Okonjo-Iweala

By Aisha Wakaso 
The Minister of Finance and the Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,  has said that the proposed 2014 appropriation bill will make more provisions for gender empowerment. 
According to the Minister who made this known at the official launch of the Nigerian chapter of WEConnect, a USA based international non-governmental organisation championing women business enterprises through her Special Assistant, Dr. Chii Tuesday in Minna said gender empowerment was put into consideration during the preparation of the budget proposal.


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Girls: The World's Greatest Return on Investment

February 13, 2014
My mom is from Argentina, and we often spent Christmas holidays there while I was growing up. When I was 12, I was riding on a train with my parents to spend Christmas Eve with family friends living outside of Buenos Aires. The mood on the train was festive – everyone was dressed up and many carried holiday gifts. At a station about 20 minutes outside the city, I saw a teenage girl board the far end of the train. The girl, only a couple years older than me, was carrying a baby and dragging a toddler along behind her. They were ragged and very poor – their faces were streaked with dirt and their clothes were torn.


1. You can never ever have the best of sex outside of marriage.

2. Only sex with your husband or wife is a sexual intercourse without shame and regret

3.There is always a spiritual force which pulls you to your sexual partners if you keep in touch with them after marriage

4.The memories of all your sexual escapade has a way of resurfacing when you are having sex with ...your spouse

‘Agan’, the Masquerade that Kills Women -By *Funke Egbemode

Egungun Masquerade
I am on vacation, the longest vacation I have been permitted to have in five years. And it is sweet. So as I sat on the balcony of my hotel room watching the waves pounding relentlessly the shores and marveling at the beauty of the rays of the sun glistening on the waters, I decided to do one of the things being an editor doesn’t allow you to do, read for pleasure, in my pyjamas at 9 a.m. Go on, go green with envy.

Magic Moments at The Girls Revolution Conference, a quarterly conference aimed at equipping young women with the greatest tool for change- INFORMATION

The Girls Show’s signature conference- ‘The Girls Revolution Conference’ is a quarterly conference aimed at equipping young women with the greatest tool for change- INFORMATION, is set to host Nigerian girls/young women between the ages of 12 and 25 years.

The A-List conference is a demonstration of The Girls Show Nigeria’s efforts to further promote the education and empowerment of young women in Nigeria as well as its dedication to bringing about a revolution among the female folk through role-modeling.

The conference which is hosted by the founder of The Girls Show Nigeria, Olamipeju Lawal, delivers to the attendees a body of knowledge about health, relationship, career and personal development by various guest speakers and facilitators. ‘We add value to our nation by adding value to our young women and one way to add value to the lives of our young women is by bringing them timely information as affordably as possible. That’s the reason for the conference and that’s why attendance is free of charge’ says Olamipeju Lawal.

View Hundreds of Pictures of THE GIRLS REVOLUTION Conference 6th Edition

The Girls Show’s signature conference- ‘The Girls Revolution Conference’ is a quarterly conference aimed at equipping young women with the greatest tool for change- INFORMATION, is set to host Nigerian girls/young women between the ages of 12 and 25 years.

The A-List conference is a demonstration of The Girls Show Nigeria’s efforts to further promote the education and empowerment of young women in Nigeria as well as its dedication to bringing about a revolution among the female folk through role-modeling.


My name is Olamipeju Lawal..This is THE GIRLS SHOW NIGERIA

We Celebrate with Nollywood Superstar OMOTOLA JOLADE EKEINDE. Today Friday 7th February 2014, Omosexy is 36!

Thank you lord for yet another year! Happy birthday to me! Lol...thanks y'all for all your love and friendship. Love you all. Omosexy.


7th Edition, 20th February, 2014 at Federal College of Education (Tech.)
by St. Finbarrs' Bus-Stop, Akoka, Lagos
Time: 10am

As a humanitarian institution, THE GIRLS SHOW NIGERIA aims at raising healthy, educated and empowered young women in Nigeria in line with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals established in 2000, and one of the channels through which we do this is THE GIRLS REVOLUTION Conference.

THE GIRLS REVOLUTION Conference is an internationally-recognized, information and inspiration packed conference that is committed to bringing together young women as we shed light on issues such as health, self-esteem, career and relationship success. Over 10,000 young women from over 50 schools have been directly impacted since the 1st edition held  in August, 2012 in Lagos.

The particulars of the forthcoming 7th Edition of the conference are as follows:
    -   THEME:    THE GIRLS REVOLUTION 7.0: Answers for Young Women
    -   DATE:        Thurs. 20th February, 2014
    -   TIME:        10:00 am
    -   VENUE:     MAIN AUDITORIUM, Federal College of Education, Akoka, Lagos
                           (by St. Finbarrs' Bus-Stop, Akoka, Lagos)

To participate, contact 08084183989
Registration required. Click here:

EXAMPLE OF SCAM Email...Please, Don't Fall Victim

(My funny reactions in brackets)

Felix Duke ( you cant even spell Zenith Bank properly?)

ATTENTION SIR, (so sorry for you..I'm not a Sir..error, error, error!)

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WHAT ARE VALUES? Let’s discuss. Tell me what you think VALUES are. Well said, that shows we all have an idea of what we are discussing today. VALUES simply are BELIEFS, what you believe is true or right. 

A role-model young woman has the habit of doing the things other young women don't like to do. Not because they like doing them anyway, but because they put their purpose ahead of immediate pleasure.


WHAT IS SELF CONFIDENCE? Let’s discuss. Tell me what you think self-confidence is. Well said, that shows we all have an idea of what we are discussing today. Let’s divide the word into 2 and we’ll have SELF and CONFIDENCE. Self means an individual person as an object of his own reflective consciousness, and confidence means, in a nutshell, trust or a feeling of assurance.